Resources for Middle Grades (6-8)

The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) aims to support NC math educators in implementing the revised mathematics content standards in ways that align with what we know from research on students’ mathematical thinking, mathematics teaching, and teacher learning. To do so, we bring together mathematics educators to co-design research-based resources and professional learning opportunities.

Professional Development Materials

Teachers, coaches, or district leaders who need PD materials to further their own or other teachers’ knowledge of student-centered mathematics learning can find various resources below. These are intended to be used with groups of teachers who are trying to enhance their teaching practice; however, the instructional materials that may be associated with the PD resource can also be used with students.


Linear Equation Professional Development Packet
Launching a unit on linear equations and slope
This packet contains a video of an 8th grade inclusion classroom and shows the teacher launching the unit and engaging students in inquiry about rates of change. The video zooms in on small groups and the questions that the special educator asks as she monitors small group exploration. Finally, there is a short excerpt of the regular education teacher leading a whole class discussion that draws on students' thinking and representing.
Classroom Materials


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