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  • UNC-G Math Summer Institute

    • Early Registration by March 15, 2020 - $100
    • Regular Registration by April 15, 2020 - $150
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    Sessions Offered

    K-2 (June 15-16 & June 24-25): Are you looking for new engaging K-2 math tasks and activities to use with your students in the upcoming school year? Are you interested in adding more talk and classroom discussions into your instruction? Well, come join us for a two-day session that will focus on developing engaging tasks and pedagogical skills that can be used to help you and your students talk about math! Together, we will learn how to transform our classrooms into sites of productive struggle and fun math learning!

    Grades 3-5 (June 17-18 & June 22-23): This interactive workshop will facilitate participants in supporting strongerstudent engagement in their mathematics classrooms through discourse. During our two-day session, you will participate in a variety of strategies that meet the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for grades 3 -5 that help students move beyond memorizing rules and procedures, while developing computational fluency. Come join colleagues as we work together to help meet the needs of each learner!

    Math 1 (June 15-16 & June 24-25): Interested in ramping up the engagement in your Math 1 classroom? This two-day session will focus on high engagement tasks and pedagogical skills steeped in the Math 1 standards. Together, we will learn how to transform our classrooms into sites of productive struggle and fun math learning!

    Math 3 (June 17-18 & June 22-23): Come participate in two days of engaging, high level tasks, designed to help students develop the Standards of Mathematical Practice within the Math III content. During our time together, we will submerge ourselves in tasks to support learning across the course, while learning pedagogical skills that will change the way you interact with your students.

    Math 4 (June 15-16 & 24-25): Join us for a two-day session focused on the new fourth level math course, NC Math 4. During our time together, we will focus on unpacking the standards, engaging in rich tasks, and digging into content strands together so you leave feeling confident and prepared to teach this course in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.

    Statistics (June 22-23): One of the common domains of content across Math 1, 2, 3, and 4 is the area of statistics.This course will provide support for educators who wish to deepen their knowledge of statistics content in order to best teach the standards across all high school courses. During this two-day session, educators will embark on a journey to understanding statistics both conceptually and procedurally.

    Desmos (June 17-18): Heard of Desmos? Come learn what else it can do! This action-packed session will help you increase engagement in your classrooms with the click of a button (or two). This session provides novice Desmos users with the one-on-one attention needed to learn how to successfully use this technology tool, and you’ll leave creating your own activities!

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