High School Math Standards

How to integrate NC’s revised mathematics standards

A library of resources, by teachers for teachers

What do you need to know about NC DPI’s Math Standards and how should you integrate them to achieve high-quality, equitable math instruction? These are the questions that the NC2ML team — educators, district leaders, and researchers — takes on to ensure that teachers have support. We continue to refine support materials based on teacher feedback. Within this website, you can access these resources to ensure adherence to North Carolina standards while achieving your instructional goals.

Resources for 4th Level Courses

NC Math 4 Instructional Framework
Precalculus Instructional Framework
Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Instructional Framework

Resources for NC Math 1 - 3

NC Math 1 – 3 Instructional Frameworks

Additional tools to support your instructional goals

In addition to instructional frameworks, we’ve put together a set of tools to address common challenges and areas of opportunity in high-quality math instruction. In the links on the right, find resources designed to help you better understand the NC math standards in a way that  can make all the difference in your instructional planning and creation of classroom experiences.

Professional Learning Modules Research-Practice Briefs Unpacking the NC HS Standards
Focusing on Student Thinking Developing a Vision of HQMI