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NC Personalized Assessment Tool – Survey Announcement

You may already have the information about surveys from NCDPI to get feedback that will be used to create grades 3-8 test specifications for the new NC interim testing, a part of the North Carolina Personalized Assessment Tool. Since these interim assessments will replace the NC Check-ins and may one day be required of districts, we wanted to make sure that your district’s voice is heard. The content specifications for each interim assessment will essentially become a default state-wide pacing guide because districts expect teachers to teach the standards assessed on each interim. It is therefore important that the collective expertise of our mathematics education community weigh in to ensure that the clustering and sequencing of instruction is connected and makes sense for student learning of mathematics.

The survey links should have been sent to your district/PSU testing coordinator. If you haven’t already received this information, we hope you will take the time to check with that person and make sure the surveys are completed by the person/people in your district most involved in decisions about mathematics instruction.  Only one survey can be submitted per grade level per district. If no one in your district has received the survey, please contact Beth Nash ([email protected]). Also, if there are others that you think might need this information, please forward it to them.

Much good work has been done in the last few years with new standards implementation, including the development of the NC2ML Instructional Frameworks for Elementary, Middle Grades, and High School and aligned Tools4NCTeachers and NC2ML Resources. We look forward to future work together to support our students in the learning of mathematics.