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NCDPI draft test specs webinars

NC Math Friends,
We hope your district has someone planning to attend one of the NCDPI Assessment Division webinars seeking feedback about the draft test specifications for the new NC Interim Assessments for mathematics. It is important for your district’s perspective and feedback to be represented in these meetings! Webinar dates are Dec. 6, 8, 14, and 16 with separate sessions for 3-5 and 6-8. If you haven’t received the information check with your district accountability person to see who is representing your district. Here is the information sent to districts from NCDPI:

The Test Development section of NCDPI Accountability Services will host a series of interactive webinars designed to seek feedback on draft test specifications for the new NC Interims for mathematics.
Important information for these webinars:
Draft test specifications will be shared during each webinar, along with a rationale for the grouping of standards.
PSUs are invited to participate in one elementary school (Grades 3-5) webinar and one middle school (Grades 6-8) webinar. The person(s) attending should be able to provide feedback on how the proposed test specifications will meet the formative assessment data needs of the PSU, in terms of groupings of standards at each grade level. As such, the ideal participant will likely be the person who responded to the original surveys (a curriculum specialist, district leader, or math coach).
Webinars will be capped at 75 participants each. Due to space limitations and given the interactive nature of these webinars, PSUs should register for a total of two spots – one elementary and one middle. PSUs may send the same person for both grade bands, or one person for the elementary school webinar and a different person for the middle school webinar. Contact Beth Nash ([email protected]) if your staffing does not align with these expectations.
Participants will be asked to provide feedback during the webinar. Feedback from all webinars will be used to inform final test specifications.
Registrants should plan to attend live, since recordings of these webinars will not be made available.