Supporting math educators in creating a new generation of problem solvers.

For communities to flourish, we need students to flourish — and that means helping them become confident, collaborative problem solvers. The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) is a statewide partnership committed to empowering mathematics teachers with a shared vision for what high quality math instruction looks like and how to carry it out. We’ve developed the resources and network to provide essential support, so that in every math classroom we cultivate a new, diverse generation of mathematical thinkers who understand how to use math to achieve success.

The VISIONS Project

Creating a shared vision for high-quality math instruction

In 2016, NC2ML formed around a mission: to support math educators in implementing new North Carolina math standards. With this crucial foundation of comprehensive standards support in place, our current focus is developing resources that help educators, leaders, and families put high quality, equitable math instruction into practice. Through the VISIONS Project, we’re fostering collaboration among state, district, and school-based leaders; mathematics teachers; mathematicians; and researchers who co-design essential tools for all grade levels, from Kindergarten to high school.

We want teachers and educational leaders to use these resources as often as you need — and to check back as we add more. Over time, we’re building a robust collection to support educators, leaders, and families in creating experiences where all students gain competency in math and see its relevance in the world and, even better, in their own lives.

North Carolina Map

Leverage a network of support

North Carolina is a national leader in the area of math education. We know NC math students are in good hands — your hands. To support you, NC2ML provides math educators, leaders, and families with tools you can use to develop enthusiastic math learners: a network of support, the ability to share and leverage each other’s best practices, and a voice in the future of math education. And we do it well because we do it together. Developing strong and diverse mathematical thinkers is a critical mission. Let’s cultivate the people we need to build bridges, analyze and solve our challenges, multiply our possibilities, and design a future in which we flourish, together.

High-quality, equitable math instruction:

Gets each and every student talking about real-world problems and working collaboratively on how to approach them.

Enables students to see math clearly in their world — in their everyday lives, in their communities, and in future challenges and opportunities.

Teaches students how to strategize, listen to others’s thinking, and present their own.

Empowers students to gain confidence in everything from managing finances and using data to understand the world to advancing in their careers.

Create the kind of classroom you’ve always wanted

Let’s challenge the belief that math is about tricks and memorization; math should make sense for students and have tangible applications. By collaborating with NC math teachers, leaders, and families, we’re able to offer co-designed resources for fostering a math classroom that features collaboration, thoughtful dialogue, and exciting light bulb moments for a deeper, more relevant mathematics learning experience.

Put an end to the "I'm not a math person" mindset

Math is for everyone, and we can’t afford to leave anyone behind. For all of us to flourish, we need each and every student to gain math proficiency. By leveraging multiple strategies and students’ intuitive mathematical thinking, we believe that all students can develop fluency along with a strong conceptual understanding of math and its application in their own lives.

Prepare students for college, the workforce, and the world

The world is complex and dynamic, so the way we educate should reflect this reality. Math is all around us — in every problem, every solution, every possibility. And it is key to unlocking progress in our communities, our workplaces, and our economy. Your role as an educator is crucial, and we’re here to help lift you up with resources developed from research and effective classroom practice. Have a question? Reach out.

The Collaborative in Action

Stay in touch with fellow math educators and up-to-date on the latest happenings and resources in the field. Check out our blog.

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