Every mathematics teacher deserves access to high-quality learning opportunities.

The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) is a statewide partnership committed to supporting mathematics teachers and leaders across NC. We envision classrooms where teachers are supporting students in developing the mathematical understanding and skills needed to engage in today’s world; an appreciation of the power of math; and their own ability to solve problems through active engagement in the subject. To help make this vision a reality, NC2ML leverages and supports mathematics educators across NC by helping them deepen their understanding of mathematics content as well as the pedagogical skills needed to advance students’ mathematics competency.

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Leverage a network of support

North Carolina is a national leader in the area of math education. We know NC math students are in good hands — your hands. To support you in your work, NC2ML aims to provide math teachers across NC with tools they can use to develop enthusiastic math learners: a network of support, the ability to share and leverage each other’s best practices, and a voice in the future of math education. Read our blog.

Create the classroom you’ve always wanted

Create the kind of classroom you’ve always wanted

Let’s challenge the belief that math is about tricks and memorization; math should make sense for students and have tangible applications to both their current and future lives. By collaborating with NC math teachers and leaders, we’re able to offer co-designed resources for fostering a math classroom that features collaboration, thoughtful dialogue, and exciting light bulb moments for a deeper, more relevant mathematics learning experience for students.

Put an end to the “I’m not a math person” mindset

Put an end to the "I'm not a math person" mindset

Math is for everyone. Regardless of a students’ past math experience, we believe that in the hands of dedicated and resourced math teachers, ALL students can see themselves as mathematicians. By leveraging multiple strategies and students’ intuitive mathematical thinking, we believe that all students can develop proficiency along with a strong conceptual understanding of math and its application in their own lives.

Prepare students not only for the next class, but for college, the workforce and the world

Prepare students not only for the next class, but for college, the workforce and the world

The world is complex and dynamic, so the way we educate should reflect this reality. NC2ML provides resources and support to help you collaborate with your colleagues and design learning experiences in which students develop the analytical, critical thinking, and group collaboration skills needed to engage in today’s workforce and make a positive impact on society.

The Collaborative in Action

Stay in touch with fellow math educators and up-to-date on the latest happenings and resources in the field. Check out our blog.

NC Personalized Assessment Tool – Survey Announcement

You may already have the information about surveys from NCDPI to get feedback that will be used to create grades 3-8 test specifications for the new NC interim testing, a part of the North Carolina Personalized Assessment Tool. Since these interim assessments will replace the NC Check-ins and will be required of all districts, we…Read more

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Call for Nominations

The North Carolina Collaborative of Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) is soliciting nominations for a K-12 mathematics Co-design Team. Team members will participate in a research study to understand the role of instructional vision when implementing STEM innovations at scale and how one’s instructional vision mediates their uses of implementation resources. Members will work within grade bands…Read more

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