Resources for Elementary Grades (K-5)

The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) brings together math educators to support each other with resources developed from significant research and practical experience for classroom success. Together, we create a network of support; give teachers, leaders, families, and students a voice in the future of math education; and, most important, develop enthusiastic math learners.

The VISIONS Project: Tools for a shared instructional approach that helps each and every student flourish

All education stakeholders need access to networking and rich learning experiences to develop and enact shared vision of teaching through problem-solving for each and every student to have conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in mathematics.

Networking and Learning Experiences

Opportunities for learning and conversation help build shared vision for high-quality, equitable mathematics instruction so that each and every student experiences mathematics instruction that supports them in flourishing in mathematics. Join NC2ML for statewide learning opportunities when possible.  Use our resources to organize conversations and professional learning in your own context!

Upcoming Experiences

Stay Tuned!  2024-2025 Experiences coming soon!

Past Experiences

April 2024
Envisioning the Elementary Math Class

March 2024
Elementary Math Leadership Retreat

February 2024
The Path to Proficiency

November 2023
Shifting our Focus to Foster Mathematical Flourishing

September 2023
Belonging and Establishing a Flourishing Math Community

Resources for Shared Learning

Whole Number Addition and Subtraction

Developing Proficiency with Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Grade K Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Grade 1 Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Grade 2 Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Grade 3 Whole Number Addition & Subtraction
Grade 4 Whole Number Addition & Subtraction

Whole Number Multiplication and Division

Coming soon!

How to integrate NC’s revised mathematics standards

A library of resources, by teachers for teachers

What do you need to know about revisions to NC DPI’s Math Standards and how should you integrate them to achieve high-quality, equitable math instruction? These are the questions that the NC2ML team — educators, district leaders, and researchers — takes on to ensure that teachers have support. We continue to refine support materials based on teacher feedback. Within this website, you can access these resources to ensure adherence to North Carolina standards while achieving your instructional goals.


Kindergarten Instructional Framework
First Grade Instructional Framework
Second Grade Instructional Framework
Third Grade Instructional Framework
Fourth Grade Instructional Framework
Fifth Grade Instructional Framework

Additional K-5 Resources

Recommendations for using NC Check-ins 2.0

K-5 Instructional Briefs

SenseMaking Strategies
Key Words