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The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) aims to support NC math educators in implementing the revised mathematics content standards in ways that align with what we know from research on students’ mathematical thinking, mathematics teaching, and teacher learning. To do so, we have co-designed research-based professional learning resources focused on content and pedagogy.

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Developing a Coherent Statewide Vision of High Quality Mathematics Instruction

The NC Collaborative for Mathematics Learning has chosen to focus on NC’s Vision for High Quality Mathematics Instruction. See the following resources that dig into the vision NC has for every teacher and student in every mathematics classroom across the state!

NC’s Vision for High Quality Mathematics Instruction BRIEF

NC’s Vision for High Quality Mathematics Instruction MODULE
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Tasks & ToolsLaunching & QuestioningTalk Moves & Connecting Representations

  • Talk Moves BRIEF
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  • Talk Moves MODULE
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  • Connecting Representations BRIEF
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  • Connecting Representations MODULE
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