Teachers: Resources for Middle Grades (6-8)

The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) aims to support NC math educators in implementing the revised mathematics content standards in ways that align with what we know from research on students’ mathematical thinking, mathematics teaching, and teacher learning. To do so, we bring together mathematics educators to co-design research-based resources and professional learning opportunities.

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Research-Practice Briefs

The NC²ML team has created several research-practice briefs that focus on broader teaching practices and ideas that are important for implementing the NC State Standards at a high level. The briefs are rooted in current research and applicable to real time instruction. These briefs can be used for professional development by individual teachers, PLCs and administrators during planning sessions. Reading these briefs prior to implementing the classroom resources (e.g., tasks, formative assessments, and units) is important and can support high level implementation).

Pedagogy Briefs

How can I help my child with their homework?
How can I help my child with their homework? (Spanish)
The Role of Mathematical Tasks
What is a mathematics disability?
Launching a Task: Providing Opportunities for All Students to Learn
Supporting Student Thinking Through Questioning
Strategic Use of Tools and Technology
Developing Vision for High-Quality Math Instruction
Statistical Reasoning and Literacy
Cross Multiplication: To Teach or Not?
NC Check-Ins
Going Deep with Mathematics
Leveraging Multiple Mathematical Competencies
Affirming Mathematics Learners' Identities
Challenging Spaces of Marginality
Drawing on Multiple Resources of Knowledge