Teachers: Resources for Middle Grades (6-8)

The North Carolina Collaborative for Mathematics Learning (NC2ML) aims to support NC math educators in implementing the revised mathematics content standards in ways that align with what we know from research on students’ mathematical thinking, mathematics teaching, and teacher learning. To do so, we bring together mathematics educators to co-design research-based resources and professional learning opportunities.

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Instructional Frameworks

In collaboration with partner educators across the state, the 6-8 NC2ML team has co-designed suggested statewide instructional frameworks to use when implementing the new standards in the 2018-2019 school year. Each framework contains sets of grade-level standards organized into clusters of connected mathematical concepts and a suggested sequence and approximate timeframe for each cluster. Important considerations about how mathematics concepts connect and the progression of students’ thinking have been included. The frameworks are meant to be flexible, living documents that can guide instruction in various schools and contexts. They are meant to be adapted to district/school contexts, not as dictated pacing devices.


Sixth Grade Instructional Framework
Seventh Grade Instructional Framework
Eighth Grade Instructional Framework